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Transform the way you live and rent with Canada's first guided tenancy software.

Discover the Future of Renting with LeaseFriendly

Simple & Rewarding Renting

Through innovation and a deep understanding of the rental ecosystem, LeaseFriendly is made to make renting and more rewarding for you – whether you’re a tenant, landlord, or property manager.

Grow Lasting Relationships

At LeaseFriendly, we’re making renting all about you. With our innovative communication tools, we’re creating stronger connections between landlords and tenants, ensuring a smoother, more personalized rental journey. Welcome to a new era of renting.

Tenancy Processes Made Easy

LeaseFriendly adjusts features to your region’s specific needs and regulations, providing landlords and tenants with the tools to quickly manage tenancy processes way easier than ever before.

A Better Future for Rental Housing

We listen, learn, and adapt from your feedback and insights. LeaseFriendly continuously evolves, utilizing technological advancements to cater to the dynamic and critical needs of Canada’s long-term rental market.

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